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About Us

• To be a respected and recognized name in India.
• To maintain the highest quality standard & attain total customer satisfaction by providing safe and timely delivery of projects.
• To create wealth for the employee, stake holders and company by legal and ethical means.
• To create competent focused focused prosperous and society conscious team of professionals.
• To create sense in the people to contribute to the welfare of the society.
• To be India's Premiere, Engineering Construction & Property Development Company.
• To be an integral part of our customer & partners for their success in their endeavours and being responsive to their needs.
Managing Director Welcome to Red Bricks Infra. As Managing Director, it is my pleasure to introduce the company to you. At Red Bricks Infra we believe that client satisfaction is paramount to building a good reputation. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to our clients whereby a professional, efficient, yet friendly approach is supported by the delivery of a product that surpasses the expectations of the client.

Recognition as Industry leaders is a testimony of our commitment to offer professional client service and quality workmanship for now and into the future. We are proud of our team and it is a credit to them that a number of our current projects are for repeat clients.

Our website is designed to provide detailed information on Who We Are, How We Work, Our Processes, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines. If you have any queries regarding the information content presented on the site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are committed to quality and sincere to service in the execution of our work. We offer a seamless service whenever you need, wherever you are in Bihar.

Shiv Kumar
Our values are at the heart of our organisation and are the reasons for our continued success. We try to foster an environment that instills these values in every facet of our organization:-
Our philosophy is best expressed by our mission.........
To build quality homes and neighborhoods that meets expectations of Customer Satisfaction, that creates Customer's recommendation without reservation. Your home and your neighborhood are special places, They are where you nurture a family & Build lasting relationships and celebrate all that life brings.

By placing importance on the attitude that "we learn from our customers", we can put ourselves in their position and carry out our daily operations in an efficient manner. It is our objective to gain the deep trust of our customers through the course of our daily work.